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   The Tao of IT    

This is THE guide to the purpose and mission of IT.  It lays out the basic precepts for an IT department and for being an IT professional.

It starts with the observation that IT is a service profession.  It goes to clearly state 15 more equally simple, but often overlooked observations about the basics of the business.

A copy of the self published finely bound hardcover manuscript edition can be yours by sending me an email note at

The price is $15.  You can order a new copy from me on ebay or by sending me a note.  Some used copies appear occasionally on Amazon, but I am not selling new ones there at the moment.  Jeff's team and I have some details we need to sort out.  If you order from me directly, payment instructions though PayPal will be provided upon receipt of your note.  Thanks!

The book includes an appendix on a serious problem in technology which has risen to the level of being a serious mental disorder among engineers.  It is a behavior that leads to either or both self harm or harm to others.  I call it Excessive Software Dependency Spectrum Disorder, or ESDSD (ess-dee-ess-dee).  Because of the importance of the topic, the entire appendix is included here.

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