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Hello.  I'm Craig Dupler.  Welcome to my site. 


the tools we make for ourselves - it's my thing.  

The things we make to enrich our lives can only come into existence once we have figured out what sort of tools we need to create them, and then get those tools made first.

Whether it was a flint knife, or the lower layers of the internet, we had to make these tools before we could use them to accomplish what we were trying to get done. 


Most written history ignores the tools that made it all happen.  This site is about my journeys of discovery about some bits of technology that had big impacts, and my own small contributions to current technology.

It may seem like an odd lot at times, but this is the unifying theme as I see it.

Inside there is some history, some of my projects (past and present), some attempts to correct a bit of supposed history that just isn't so, and some of my published writings.

Comments, and suggestions are welcome.

Contact me at


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